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Who can be treated for N.A.E.T.?

Am I right for NAET?

N.A.E.T. (NAET) is an innovative solution for allergies that is completely natural, painless and non-invasive. It can be used safely on anyone, including children, newborn infants, elderly patients, even women who are pregnant. NAET can also be used to treat healthy individuals with hidden allergies that may cause illness in the future. N.A.E.T has also been proven to improve the symptoms of Autism including children's communication skills, and received NAET treatments in combining both acupressure and kinesiology. Click to View Treating Autism with NAET

In addition, N.A.E.T. can be used to treat side effects of other drugs (ex: antibiotics, chemotherapy, steroids) and to maximize the effectiveness of the drugs.

Through N.A.E.T., people have successfully been treated for the following conditions:

> Acne
> Addiction
> Arthritis
> Autoimmune Disorders
> Autism
> Asthma
> Back Ache
> Blood Pressure Problems
> Bronchitis
> Candida/Yeast
> Cedar Fever
> Cellulites
> Chronic Fatigue
> Constipation
> Dermatitis
> Eczema
> Environmental Allergies
> Fibromyalgia
> Food Allergies
> Frequent Colds
> Gastritis
> Gout
> Hay Fever
> Headaches
> Herpes
> Hives
> Hormone
> Imbalances
> Hyperactivity
> Hypoglycemia
> Indigestion
> Insomnia
> Irritable Bowels
> Joint Pain
> Kidney Disease
> Lupus
> Migraines
> Motion Sickness
> Night Sweats
> Obesity
> Poison Ivy
> Parasites
> Psoriasis