About Dunn Allergy and Acupuncture Center

What some of our clients and patients have to say about their treatment with Dunn Acupuncture & Allergy Center.

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"After treating sugar with NAET, my sugar cravings and my 'foggy headed' feeling went away."

- Leigh M.

"Amanda Dunn is a true life saver! Having been a patient of hers for the past few years I am a living example of the extraordinary expertise and caring that she provides to each of her patients. Allergies that I have experienced for years have been eliminated. Amanda has treated other health issues of mine with determination and success. You will not find a more professional, thorough, or competent health professional. She has my highest recommendation."

- Gwen S.

"I was diagnosed with chronic diarrhea and acute colitis by my gastroenterolgist. He told me there was no cure and gave me medicine to manage the symtoms. None of the medicines worked, and I was in pain and miserable all the time. I started getting regular N.A.E.T treatments and my body started to heal. I am no longer on any medicines, and I feel like a new person."

- Heather S.

"Amanda has been amazing! Even though I eat healthy, exercise and maintain a healthy weight, I suffered from severe fatigue. Before I started NAET treatments I would have to rest walking up steps because my muscles were exhausted. I went to several Western medical doctors and they saw me as a healthy, fit person and couldn't diagnose my problem so they couldn't offer a treatment. It took several months of NAET treatments, but Amanda continued to treat the allergens that were making me sick and now I feel energized every day! Thank you so much!"

- Gail D.

"Amanda, the basic set of NAET treatments has improved my quality of life, more energy, no bloating, and the digestive issues are gone. You have taken away the redness of my face. For this I will forever be grateful."

- Dianne M.

"If you are running a long race I highly recommend acupuncture. Really helped me before and especially afterwards. I was in major pain/soreness this morning, but no longer thanks to Dunn Acupuncture and Allergy Center. I feel so much better thanks to Amanda. She is my hero!!!"

- Denisa R.

"We started going to Amanda Dunn when my daughter was two-and-a-half years old and on allergy medicine every day. No only did she have allergies to the outdoors, but she had food sensitivities as well. After undergoing treatment for her allergies, she is no longer on allergy medicine for the outdoors, and she can happily eat many of the foods that used to cuase her so many problems."

- Amy H.

"I have suffered from ADD most of my life. I have been getting NAET treatments from Dunn Acupuncture and Allergy Center for several months now. Not only am I feeling better overall but my ADD has improved. I can finally focus my attention on projects that need to be done."

- Nathan H.