About Dunn Allergy and Acupuncture Center

An accupuncture treatment and allergy relief facility built with your health and comfort in mind.

dunn allergy acupuncture & allergy centerMaintaining an Allergy-Free and Toxin-Free Environment Delivers Exceptional Medical Treatment to YOU

To properly and medically treat and test for harmful and unhealthy allergens, it is necessary that all volatile organic compounds (VOCs) be removed, including dust mites, molds, fungal spores, fine particles and other toxic and hazardous particles to ensure only clean and purified air reside within the living spaces. Dunn Acupuncture & Allergy Center started from the ground up by using a low-allergen design and essential ventilation system to ensure that our patient's health and care comes first. We are committed to providing exceptional acupuncture and allergy treatment in a healthy and safe environment.

When building our new facility, we took great care in making sure it was a safe place for those with all allergy and health concerns. We made sure the air is scent free and the environment in and around the building is chemical free. We use air purification systems throughout the building to remove and improve indoor air quality while our air conditioning system eliminates any dust or microbes that filter through it. We also incorporated charcoal filtration systems to enhance our clear environment. Since we work with so many children and adults alike, we have even designed a room specifically for children to ensure they are comfortable while in our clinic. It is our continued goal to provide clean and healthy enviroment to all our patients on every visit.